Best hair oils for your hair?

janeWe all want our hair to be healthy and don’t know what to use to keep it shiny and in good health. However, it is normal for us to shed around 50 strands in a day. While at the same time our hair us exposed to damage from the sun and environment. Thus, it’s is important that we all indulge in self care.

Hair oil not only just helps with the health of the scalp. Instead it contains nutrients that strengthens the hair and scalp without any harmful additives. So it a best to incorporate couple of oils to help treat conditions, such as itchy scalp, frizzy, thin and brittle hair. Thus, combination of oils can help treat wide range of problems.

1. Avocado oil

Avocado oil is best if you have dry, brittle and weak hair. This oil helps to strengths weak and dry hair as it is light weight and rich. This oils contains fatty acids, proteins, vitamin E and antioxidants, which helps to to keep the hair strong especially while using heat products.Thus, being perfect to repair damaged and helps to reduce breakages.

2. Sweet almond oil

Sweet almond oil contains high level of proteins and vitamins. For instance, it is high in vitamin A,B,D,E which helps the hair to give its lustre shine. Also it’s is another light weight oil that is emollient helps to make the hair soft and manageable. Therefore, this oil is great in giving your locks its healthy appearance.

3. Rose flower oil

This is a perfect oil for damaged hair. Since this oils is rich vitamins and fatty acids it is a perfect to absorb and repairs the damage. Thus, making an excellent oil to prevent any future damage.

4. Argan oil

This oil is know to have its origin from morroco, that is high in vitamin E. It is a great oil to control frizzy and flyaway strands. As this oil is rich and has conditioning properties to keep the tamed and strong. Thus, perfect for flyway hairs.

6. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a universal oil that can be used in many places. This particular oil is great if you have damaged and dandruff. As it is antimicrobial properties that help to eradicate dandruff and smooth the scalp. Thus, making it a perfect choice for those who suffer from dandruff.

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