Benefits of vitamin C

97B9E639-2446-4AFB-A441-519953D7D5F9Vitamin C is a potent ingredient that is used in skincare. It helps to brightens the skin and even out skin complexion. It is important that you use the right vitamin C that you have purchased from a reputable skincare specialist. As that way you can ensure that your skin soaked up the most antioxidants.

The benefits of vitamin C:

  • Helps to neutralise free radicals from the sun, pollution, stress or from smoking. As the free radicals damages our DNA that causes us to age prematurely.
  • Can boast the collagen in the skin. This can help you look younger, as it reverses signs of ageing.
  • Help to keep the skin firm and helps to prevent any pigmentation.

How to chose the right vitamin C for you?

When looking to add vitamin c in your skincare. It is important to look at the formulation, concentration of vitamin c, form of vitamin c and price.

Formulation of vitamin C:

Vitamin c is potent ingredient used in skincare. But, when vitamin C is combined with other ingredients like vitamin E, ferulic acid makes it more potent. Nevertheless, even just vitamin C itself is just fine.


The higher the concentration of vitamin c the better it is for the skin and the more potent it is. The best concentration to use is between 15% or 20%. Any concentrations where concentrations are lower than this , will not do any good to the skin.


Not always the expensive vitamin C is the best. It is important to see the amount of vitamin c that is present in the product.

Form of vitamin C:

There are many forms of vitamin C. But, in different names like L-ascorbic acid, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, ascorbyl palmitate and sodium ascorbyl phosphate.

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