“Shehnaz the Aestheician of Saints European gave me a wonderful facial and makeover! Undergoing chemotherapy and battling breast cancer is extremely stressful on my whole body and especially on my skin. The spa was beautiful, calming and welcoming. During the procedure Shehnaz applied acupressure to my face and scalp, which relieved a lot of tension. The whole experience was relaxing and rejuvenating. Thank you Saints European!”
– Jane C.

“I had a facial at Saints European on Monday 29 as a way to help Cancer Patients. I feel like a different person my look is completely different. I feel like any person should feel wonderful coming here. I just felt so complete and relaxed. Please come to this place and feel the difference it makes in you. I will be going back in two weeks after two more chemo treatments. It is great with love”.
– Watson D.

“Saints European is amazing! It is an experience everyone should have. You not only feel beautiful, you look beautiful! Thank you for allowing me to have this experience”
– Smith A.

“I am so thankful for being able to have this done. The Chemo has done a lot of damage to my skin as well as caused a lot of swelling. I have felt so bad about my appearance and now I feel so pretty. The redness is gone and my skin looks so much healthier. Thank you so much!”
– Deehart K.

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! My skin looks and feel amazing after your treatment. Chemo (cancer in general) takes so much out of you, physically and mentally. The time spent here was rejuvenating not only for my skin but for my mind and spirit as well. Again, thank you for this wonderful service.”
– Laura T.

“This was a very nice and wonderful experience. Its been a rough year. Thank you for the blessing of comfort and kindness. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. With love and appreciation”
– Mangus R.</strong

“Always been very professional and friendly, makes you feel at home!”
– Nancy D.

“Love it, great service as always!”
– Jon P.

“Shehnaz is wonderful, she does a great job!”
– Ellen L.

“Very comfortable atmosphere and lovely décor. Second visit absolutely wonderful. Once relocated here for good, will visit and use services frequently. Thank you!”
– Kristi W.

“I’ve been coming to Saints European for over 1 year always a pleasant and welcome break in my day, service is fabulous, beautiful new salon what a grand new addition to our community!”
– Christy M.

“The new salon is beautiful and relaxing. I have my eyebrows threaded monthly!”
– Cindy N.

“I would never get my eyebrows done by anyone else! You’re the best, the new place is beautiful!”
– Emily N.

“This is an amazing place, very beautiful! First time ever getting my eyebrows threaded amazing job and I love it. Awesome job!”
– Deeana H.

“Beautiful and comforting feeling!”
– Raine H.

“I have enjoyed my experience every time. I have come to Saints European. The customer service has been excellent!”
– Jennifer B.

“Perfect. Always perfect!”
– Brenda G.

“Very professional!”
– Lisa A.

“Nice friendly, I love it!”
– Amy B.

“As for services we don’t know what we would do without you. The new building looks great!”
– Grace and Jennifer S.

“I have had laser hair removal and eyebrow threading. She takes pride in her job. Beautiful décor. Makes you feel you will leave gorgeous!”
– Sarah S.

“The building is beautiful and always excellent service!”
– Kristy H.

“Facial and brow threading have been most dramatic effects. Love to come and visit every month!”
– Tracy W.

“Shehnaz does a wonderful job on my eyebrows!”
– Christy S.

“Wonderfully, relaxing loved the pampering. Absolutely beautiful environment and excellent service. Thank you!”
– Jessica D.

“I have always had top shelve services and products from Saints European. The décor is amazing you forget your in Sylva!”
– Anne – Marie B.

“Wonderfully friendly service, beautiful décor love the new place!”
– Shannon S.

“Service is always excellent and prompt. The décor looks great very calm and welcoming.”
– Alyse D.

“The place is beautiful and love the service we have received.”
– Beth B.

“Very happy with services.”
– Erika G.

“I loved the environment and experience. Thank you!”
– Jodi H.

“The new place is great. I love it, it’s very pretty. The services I’m getting are very good. I love coming here!”
– Diamond Wahlalah B.

“It was the best spa experience ever. I will be back soon!”
– Carol H.

“Beautiful setting, peaceful, calm, excellent services & demeanor.”
– Debi W.

“Beautiful and I always receive excellent service.”
– Shirley P.

“I have always been very happy with the eyebrow threading, microdermabrasion, spot removal laser and make up consultation.”
– Carol B.

“Professional always prompt service. I feel pampered and appreciated; leaving I feel better about myself.”
– Marcia K.

“I received excellent service.”
– Mary S.

“I love getting my eyebrows threaded and nothing has cleared up my acne like the Obagi System.Thanks!”
– Holly C.

“Laser hair removal – excellent service and very nice décor.”
– Jennifer O.

“Great atmosphere, music and décor. Service has always been outstanding! Thank you!”
– Tavish P.

“Fantastic! Professional but personal.”
– Sue E.

“Your shop looks beautiful. Love the color combinations- Relaxing. Had eyebrows threaded for 1st time. Non-painful and they look great!”
– Sandra B.

“Eyebrow and lip threading is awesome!”
– Bethany M.

– Jessica C.

– Cathy A.

– Meredith P.

“The best! What can you say!”
– Jill C.

– Teresa C.

“Tasteful, Beautiful! A wonderful asset for Jackson County! Take me to another place – a good thing.”
– Teresa H.

“Love it all.”
– Liz W.

“Eyebrow threading is excellent. Décor is elegant, calming make me feel I have stepped into another world – feel pampered right away !”
– Dominique T.

“Beautiful! I come to see the inside because the outside looks so great! Best of luck!”
– Pam M.

“I get Jane Iredale makeup and eyebrows threaded, love!”
– Marilyn M.

– Jennifer P.

“Absolutely beautiful very well thought out.”
– Debbie B.

“I love it here! Amazing!”
– Madison P.

“Love the treatment I receive at Saints European.”
– Nancy N.

“I am one of your regular customers for eyebrow threading and I love the way they turn out. I also love what you have done to the new place. It’s beautiful.”
– Pam D.

“Always love coming to Saint European. The service and treatment is high end”
– Lisa B.

“I have been here several times and had different treatments done. I have been very pleased with the results. Place looks beautiful and is very relaxing.”
– Pat M.

“Saints European is the most relaxing place to be at. The services are awesome. Thank you.”
– Kim S.

“Saints European is wonderful! Décor is beautiful and services are heavenly. My skin has never felt so good and I feel younger.”
– Phyllis B.

“I have my eyebrows & pedicures done. Excellent services. The new shop looks lovely.”
– Mary M.

“The services is excellent, as always! Thank you for making me look good!”
– Terri H.

“Love the services I get done at Saints European.”
– Diana F.

“I love the décor. So relaxing and definitely needed in Sylva. I’m looking forward to my skin consultation and I am always pleased with the eyebrow threading. Thank you!”
– Rebecca M.

“The new place is absolutely beautiful. It’s like stepping into another world, relaxing and inviting! What an amazing addition to our little town of Sylva. I have had threading services, have and always been pleased with the care taker to perform the service.”
– Crystal C.

“Décor is amazing! I feel like I was being pampered in a 5 star resort! Services are amazing as always.”
– Rachel W.

“Love the atmosphere, décor and ambiance of the new place! Love the services.”
– Cathy B.

“Great service, beautiful people and wonderful! Never better!
– Cinda S.

“I am thankful for being able to have herbal facial and makeover done. The chemo has done a lot of damage to my skin as well as caused a lot of swelling. I felt so bad about appearance and now I feel so pretty. The redness is gone and my skin looks so much healthier. Thank you so much!”
– Kathleen D.

“Saints European is amazing! It is an experience everyone should have. You not only feel beautiful, you look beautiful! Thank you for allowing me to have this experience.”
– Amy S.

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