DIY Skin Ingredients That Harm Your Skin

 DIY skin ingredients that harms your skin

A0D2FDBD-0325-41A7-946E-7A05A3D3CD4AYou will hear many hacks on how to improve your skin. This could be from do it yourself advice from the internet or from social media. However, the advice given through these platforms are not backed by an scientific evidence or research. This means that they are not proven to help your skin and so do come with their side effects. We see this with people using egg whites, lemon juice, cinnamon or apple cider vinegars.

Egg whites:

Egg whites we find in egg. Often this is consumed. However, some individuals may use this as part of their skin care routine. Egg can have some skin tightening effect, but this is temporary. It only last till the egg remains on the skin and once washed off this effect disappears.  While, when it gets into the mouth it can cause salmonella poisoning.

Lemon juice:

Some people hear that lemon juice can help to reduce acne scar or hyperpigmentation. However, despite it can have little exfoliation properties. But, using such string acids can cause second degree burns and can cause skin reaction as a result of UV rays.

Cinnamon used as DIY:

Cinnamon is an ingredient that is used in DIY skincare. As it is often believed to purify the skin. Individuals may experience slight tingling and redness. However, those who have used cinnamon to do a facial with, often reported of experiencing burns. Thus, being a dangerous DIY ingredient.

Apple cider vinegar used as DIY:

We see the trend of Apple cider vinegar going viral in terms of weight loss. But, it has made it place in being used in DIY skincare. As being great for clearing acne, scars and removing moles. But, using this over a long time in its undiluted state can corrode your skin. Best to overall avoid using this on the skin.

Overall, it is best to leave your skin care regimen with a qualified skincare specialist, who can advice you products that are customizable to your skin. This way you can achieve the best results. At Saints European, we have qualified skincare specialist on site that can help you with your skincare needs.

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