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Get Great Weight Loss Results With HCG Drops

HCG is a naturally occurring hormone that has been found to aid in weight loss. HCG targets abnormal fat deposits while leaving normal structural fat and muscle tissue alone. In this way you can retain your healthy look as you lose weight and avoid looking gaunt. It is this targeting of specific types of fat, as well as the fact that it avoids burning muscle, that makes it seem as if your body is being sculpted as you lose weight.

Benefits of Homeopathic HCG Diet Drops Include:
• No injections, no mixing, no hassle
• Easy to use, simply 10 drops, 3 times a day
• Lose up to 1-2 pounds a day
• Manufactured in a US-based FDA registered facility, so you know you are getting a quality product

Lose up to 2 Pounds a Day!
Many people report great results when using HCG, losing up to 1 or 2 pounds a day. Many people report losses of up to 15 pounds in the first week! Depending on the length of the regiment, people have lost up to 45 pounds in one cycle, and many go back and complete the process again to lose over 100 pounds total!

"I watched people that I personally know get thinner and thinner and look great, they all said it was HCG. I am 5'8 and weighed 223 lbs. when I started. I did it for 21 days I lost 21 lbs. I feel GREAT!!! Best of all my knees don't hurt anymore and my back feels much better, I also have more energy. I can't wait to start the next round of the HCG drops, I plan to lose at least another 21 lbs, in 3 weeks. Soon I'll be at my same weight from 18 yrs ago. YOU CANT PUT A PRICE ON THAT!!! The Homeopathic HCG drops WORK! " — Nick Renon

The Amazing Weight Loss Method with HCG Diet Drops
While on the diet, HCG suppresses your appetite while still providing you with the energy you need each day. With HCG you do not feel the formal hunger pangs associated with dieting and you will not lose muscle as you would simply on a low calorie diet.

Full strength HCG requires painful daily injections and a doctor's prescription on top of the high cost. With nearly identical results, Homeopathic HCG is much more cost effective and easy to use!

How Does it Work?
The Three Types of Fat in the Human Body:
1. Structural fat: This necessary fat fills the gaps between organs and limbs, and it acts as a sort of "packing material" for the body.

"I have done 1 round of this diet and lost 18 lbs in 20 days. It was hard at first but then it got easier when I saw the lbs. coming off. Well I have started phase 3 and I have maintained the weight I lost. I give this diet thumbs up because it works, and have never experienced such fast weight loss. Not only do you loose lbs. you also loose inches! I went from a size 18 to a size 12. Give this diet a chance and you will be shocked at your weight loss.
Thank you." — Anna Kelzer

2. Subcutaneous or "Normal" Fat: This is the fat directly under the skin, and the type we see and notice most. It's what makes us look "flabby". It is the fat the body utilizes most easily when nutritional intake is less than what the body demands and is the fat that is easiest to burn through regular exercise.
3. Visceral or "Abnormal" Fat: The most dangerous type of fat, its excessive accumulations can run throughout the body, surrounding organs, causing obesity and increasing the risk of a number of diseases (i.e., cardiovascular disease, liver disease, diabetes). While exercising or restricting food intake allows the body to utilize normal fat reserves, the body can't access the abnormal fat accumulations as easily. That is why abnormal fat is so hard to get rid of, even with exercise.
HCG drops allow your body to burn the abnormal fat to give you energy. HCG triggers the abnormal fat from areas that are typically hard to reduce and does not affect the normal (healthy) fat or muscle tissue.

B12 Patch

Why is vitamin B12 important?
Research indicates that vitamin B-12 deficiency can play a role in a number of health problems such as: Low energy/ fatigue • Muscle pain • Hearing issues • Heart dysfunction • Equilibrium and balance • Brain Function • Memory loss • Mood/Irritability.

Who needs Vitamin B12?
• Vegetarians and vegans
• People over the age of 60
• Individuals with pernicious anemia
• Individuals with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Gastric bypass and gastrointestinal disorder patients
• Athletes
• Autoimmune disease patients
• Chronic pancreatic patients
• Crohn's disease patients
• Individuals with malabsorption syndromes
• Thyroid disease patients
• Individual with symptoms suggesting multiple sclerosis (ms4a)

The B12 Patch is 100% natural. Apply a new B12 Patch to a clean and dry area of the skin behind the ear lobe on the neck. Firmly press adhesive side to skin and leave the patch in place for up to 24 hours. The recommended use of one patch (1000 mcg) per week is based upon the dosage of a weekly B12 shot (1000 mcg). You may apply more than one patch per week as there is no upper limit on B12. A month supply contains 4 patches. One patch is approximately the size of a dime.

Do not apply to damaged (wound, abrasion, sores, or rash) or sensitive skin. Only use one patch at a time. If pregnant or nursing, ask a health professional before use. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

How Does a Patch Work?
A patch delivers nutrients into the circulatory system by absorption through the skin.
A patch uses a special membrane to control the rate at which nutrients, contained within it, pass through the skin and into the bloodstream.

For nutrients to be absorbed via the skin into the bloodstream, the drug molecules pass through the top two skin layers - the epidermis and dermis - into the capillaries (small blood vessels).

By direct delivery to the bloodstream, without first going to the liver (the "first-pass effect") a greater amount of the nutrients are bio-available. A patch is designed to release the active ingredients at a consistent rate over a period of time.

What are the benefits of using a patch?
• Safe
• No stomach irritation
• Easily and efficiently absorbed
• Improved compliance- Ease of use
• Convenient
• No painful pills to swallow

What are the side effects of the B12 Patch ™?
The side effects of the patch have been limited to application site irritation in less than 0.1% of users